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Twitch followers widget
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Twitch channel ID, for example: leymley
Widget reload timer to keep data updated (clan stats, for example). By default widgets reload every 1 min.

Use this link as a source in OBS or Streamlabs

Settings core, can be used on other widgets

This widget is supposed to show your Twitch followers. But it is very slow because of Twitch API limits. It will work with Twitch authorization script, but we can`t write it by ourselves. You can donate to Twitch authorization script development. About 100$ should be enough. Currently invested 1$, lel.

Licence: Free for use with attribution. Please give a backlink to www.ecard.enter-media шт video description. Using this widget you agree to our terms of use. Found a bug? Have an idea? Please write us on our Facebook page

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