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Chat counter
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To make this widget work you need to get the chat ID of your stream. To do it, go to that page, authorize our app, write stream Id and get chat ID. Then copy it and paste here below. Chat id does not change, use it forever for any stream. Need help? Ask for it on our Facebook page.

Your Youtube stream ID, example: m2p55BmwmJM
Chat user name, whos messages to show
Chat ID of your stream

Use this link as a source in OBS or Streamlabs

Settings core, can be used on other widgets

Set moderator and show his text wrapped in _ symbol. For example, set Enter - Media as a moderator. Then this user types in chat: "_Test message". Widget will show "Test message". It is very suitable for counters. Give us your ideas!

Licence: Free for use with attribution. Please give a backlink to www.ecard.enter-media шт video description. Using this widget you agree to our terms of use. Found a bug? Have an idea? Please write us on our Facebook page

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