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Все Youtube и Twitch виджеты теперь доступны только по подписке за 300 рублей в месяц (зрители, лайки, стрим боссы и другие, которые используют ID канала). Для получения доступа напишите в нашу группу ВК

Use this link as a source in OBS or Streamlabs

Settings core, can be used on other widgets

Reward your viewers by giving out some bonuses for likes. There is a closed chest which opens when total likes number is equal to given price. Reloads every 30 seconds.

Licence: Free for use, attribution is not required. We use only free fonts. Please give a backlink to www.ecard.enter-media in video description. Using this widget you agree to our terms of use. Found a bug? Have an idea? Please write us on our Facebook page