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Top 3 Youtube chat comms - align right
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To make this widget work you need to get the chat ID of your stream. To do it, go to that page, authorize our app, write stream Id and get chat ID. Then copy it and paste here below. Chat id does not change, use it forever for any stream. Need help? Ask for it on our Facebook page.

Youtube channel ID, example: UCkXV3TesDwmqjD7yEiwmX9A
Chat ID of your stream

Все Youtube и Twitch виджеты теперь доступны только по подписке за 300 рублей в месяц (зрители, лайки, стрим боссы и другие, которые используют ID канала). Для получения доступа напишите в нашу группу ВК

Use this link as a source in OBS or Streamlabs

Settings core, can be used on other widgets

Shows top 3 commenters from your live chat. Get Chat ID to make all shit work. 30 seconds reloadingю Chat id is the same for all your streams, unless you use events. They don`t work.

Licence: Free for use, attribution is not required. We use only free fonts. Please give a backlink to www.ecard.enter-media in video description. Using this widget you agree to our terms of use. Found a bug? Have an idea? Please write us on our Facebook page